Configured with Viber

Go to and search for Viber. Click the "Install" button.

To install Viber, you need to create a Bot on your Viber admin account.  Go to

Step. 1 Create Your Bot

If you have already created Bot then copy your app token and paste it to Acquire and install it, or you can add details manually. 

Go to the  Acquire Admin Panel and enter details of your Bot App Token and App Name.

Please configure your bot details, so that your Bot webhook will be set automatically.

Start messaging From Viber to Acquire

Read Carefully:

Note: You need to publish your Bot account, for that scan your QR code into the Viber account and click on the red text to publish to your account. After that, you will be able to share your QR code with others.

Note: Your Bot should be installed or configured with Acquire, otherwise no user will able to send a message to your Bot.

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