Account overview

Overview for an account can track and measure the performance of Chats, User Profiles, Agents, Chat-bot which can be seen in the Analytics section: 

It is divided into 4 major categories:

1. General- Overall information about the chats statistics, time, conversion, Tags, Customer satisfaction.

2. Profiles- It gives data for customer statistics, Communication statistics with visitors, VoIP service statistics.

3. Chat Bot- Information on conversation handled by the chat bot and their details.

4. Agents- Provides detail Agent statistics.

1. General

Chat Statistics: 

We can analyze the chat trends here like number of chats, missed and answer. Even the average response time is also available here.

As soon as you jump on to Chat analytics you can actually select the time period for the information to show.

Here you can have a eagle eye look at your Acquire account here which includes Chat Statistics, Average chat time , Conversion Rate, Tags and Customer satisfaction.

We can analyze the chat trends here like number of chats, missed and answer. Even the average response time is also available here.

The orange portion of the bar graph denotes the missed chats, blue part denotes the Answered Chats. The thin light blue line running through the graph shows the Average response time at the intersection of Bar graph.

Below this graph, You can have a look at Total number of chats, Answered chats, Missed chats and Average Response time.

Average Chat Time:

Here we can have a look at average chat handling time or as called as AHT(Average handling time).

Just below the bar graph we have further bifurcation of chat groups for which chats were between 0-30 seconds, 30 seconds -2 minutes, 2-5 minutes and chats above 5 minutes.

Conversion Rate:

Here we can access the conversion rate for the visitors we have, that were successfully converted to potential leads.

Tags and Customer satisfaction

Here we can have a look at what tags were used while saving a lead to CRM, these tags would help us to bucket the chats accordingly. Also we can analyze the customer satisfaction and happiness through the feedback provided.

2. Profiles

Customer Statistics:

The source or channel from which the user came is provided here in customer statistics. Different channels provided here are:

- From Chat: Customer came on chat and had a word with the agent.

- From Messages left: Message left by the visitor on the website while the chat was missed from the agent side, can be viewed from here.

- From Chat bot: Visitor had an interaction with the Chat-Bot that can be known.

- Imported: The data of users and chats imported from any third party supported application.

Here is the view that you can see in the graphed form.

Hovering over the graph will show you a box with the details of that particular time period and number of customers; that came from these respected channels.

Communication Statistics:

The above graph showcases the modes with which the customer profiles have been contacted after they left the website, there are two major ways of contacting them: Email(withing the Acquire platform), In-App messaging.

You can use one of the modes to sends messages and information to the customer, 

- Email: They will get the message on their Email Inbox.

- In-App: The message sent with this will be in the Acquire chat conversation and whenever they again visit the website, will get the message in their chat window.

VoIP Statistics:

You can see all the VoIP stats information in this section as per selected time frame, you can get number of incoming Missed & Outgoing calls, with the total call length of that particular month or week as selected.

Below is the graph that shows it more efficiently:

3. Chat Bot

Chat Bot conversations:

Number of visitors on website Engaged, Interacted, Resolved issues, and Active Users are shown here according to the selected time frame.

You can also review the questions asked to the Bot, from which what answers it had answered and which are the unanswered questions that lack in the Bot directory. 

Further you can check and push those unanswered questions to the Bot's suggestion list in the Bot Store.

4. Agents

Agents Statistics:

The analysed data of agents on the platform is provide in this Statistics, such as Active hours, Handled Chats, Feedback (from customers), and much more.

You can also export the data into csv for all agents or selected as well by clicking on the "Export report" button on the top right corner of this page.

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