Account Settings- Agents

Agent section will give an overview of all the agents and here you can also Add, Modify or Delete an agent according to your need. You can buy more agents or upgrade your plan at

Once the Agent will be created, Unique UserID for Agent will be generated by its own. Agent screen will display Name, Email ID, Role, etc all the basic info of the Agent. You can Edit or Delete an agent with Action button given in below image.

If you want to add New Agent, just need to enter a few details and Agent will be live(If already purchased). You can assign a role to the agent and “Save” the details once all the details are filled.

1. The administrator would have all the admin level access of the dashboard and permission to alter nearly all the aspects of dashboard/agent details.
2. The supervisor would be a tier lower than the Administrator and could supervise other operator but can't change or alter any details of the dashboard. 

3. The operator would just be able to chat and access few basic features like home, profiles and account details.

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