Acquire CRM

Here we can have a overview of Lead Statistics, Outreach campaigns and Voip Statistics.

Lead Statistics

Here we look at lead statistics and can make a note of what source the lead came from. The sources tracked here are from Chat, Missed Chat, Chat Bot, Manual API.

The graph shows a pictorial view month on month. Below the graph are the month’s bifurcation from the above four sources.

Outreach Campaigns

We can have a look at outreach campaigns here, like how many emails have been sent, how many in-app messages were sent and how many SMS have been sent to outreach or proactively reach the customers.

Voip Statistics

Here we can have a look at the summary of Voip calls. We can keep a track of Incoming calls, Outgoing calls, Call length and Missed calls.

The orange part of the bar here shows missed calls, light blue in middle shows outgoing calls and dark blue at the bottom shows the amount of incoming calls.

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