Acquire Home - Online Visitors

The Acquire Home tab on the dashboard provides a lot of easy to access information. This guide will show you how to read, and best use the data presented to you.  

  • USER ID: The User ID, ID number associated with the account, if the user is signed into their account, their name will show up. If a user is not signed in or a new user, the “No Name”  Tag will be shown.

  • CUSTOMER  INFO: This tab shows the specific location and device information. 

  • ONLINE SINCE: This tab shows the duration of time the user has been online on the website.

  • PAGE TRACK: Shows the URL of the page the user is currently on and helps you to frame our responses directed towards the specific target.

  • SOURCE: This tab displays the URL of the user Source, or in other words, the URL the User initially came from.

  • CONVERSATION: This shows the number of chats they have had in total.

  • TAGS: Any tags added to a given chat, are displayed under this tab.

  • USERS: Any internal user joined in the chat will be displayed under this tab.

In addition to the above, you can also have a look at the number of visitors, active visitors with chats ongoing, pending visitors, and queued visitors on the top of the dashboard and Live Statistics. 

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