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Try your widget - Before any visitors see your Live Chat Widget, you can test it out. If there are no visitors on your Live Chat embedded site, click the button to go to your Acquire test page.

Cobrowse Test  - Here, you can test cobrowsing. You can log in to your Acquire account in another window to test the user perspective and use this page to test the visitor perspective.  Use the Cobrowse test form to make sure your users can see what visitors type in public forms. 

Masking Fields - Use the Credit Card details section to ensure all important and confidential fields are masked. Any data which is considered ‘sensitive’ can be customized to be hidden from the user perspective.

Unmasked Visitor Side:

Masked User Side: 

Links to Start Chats - Here you can start live chats, audio calls, video calls, and video conferences from the visitor perspective.

Start Cobrowse Code - Use this button to simulate a visitor supplying a user with a unique cobrowse code.  This code is typically for users on the phone with visitors to offer a secure method for cobrowsing. Within your Acquire Home Page, paste this unique code in the provided text box to begin the cobrowsing session.

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