Admin Overview

Using Acquire

There are several components of Acquire to allow you to engage your customers in a way that suits their needs and situation the best. In this guide, we will do a quick overview of how Acquire works as a solution. As well as cover the below items to set up all Admins for success!  Below is the Acquire home page, where every user will be taken to upon login and where all agents will access and start their chats.

Starting a Chat

Using Acquire you are able to chat with your customers on your website, and in your application whether on the web or on mobile. Each chat is in real-time and can easily transition into a call, a video call, or a co-browsing session giving your agents flexibility in how they each handle each situation.

Chat to Voice & Video Call

As an admin, you have the ability to allow audio and video calls through chat, and if you do your agents will be able to initiate an audio or video call to your customers if a problem is too complicated to be handled over chat. Neither will have to leave the chat or download anything, it is just a simple click of the phone or video button.

Chat to Co-browse

From a chat, agents can also initiate co-browse sessions, co-browsing lets you scroll, highlight elements and fields using our toolbar, allowing you to guide your customer in real-time.

The customer will see a request to start a co-browse session and once they confirm, the co-browse session will begin.

During a co-browse session, you still have the option to chat or to use audio. For other questions about co-browsing permissions, please see our Admin FAQ

Please let us know if you have any other questions by chatting to support on our website and we have product walkthroughs and our knowledge base to assist as you get more familiar with Acquire!

Admins Tabs  

Home Tab 

Every user will have a home tab and this where agents will access their assigned chats. On the Home Page, admins can quickly see their teams' live statistics and who is available or offline

Profiles Tab 

Profiles refer to customer profiles and are where all previous conversations are held. As an admin, filter and export conversations based on factors such as feedback rating, date, or by the agent that answered the chat. 

Bot Store

Would you like to test out our Beta Bot? Set up your bot here and try with a small test group. Great for FAQ's or for other simple questions. 


All of our Analytics on overall chat statistics, agent performance and more are housed here. Use the top menu to specific date range and what analytics you are wanting to view. 


Triggers allow you to use logic and set rules to define certain workflows as you use Acquire. Common Triggers include routing chats from certain pages to certain groups of agents.  ie. Chats that come from your pricing page are automatically routed to the sales team


As an Admin you'll add, delete or edit Agents here. Invite new Admins and Operators. In Acquire, Agents have the role of operator, 


Access all your settings here including those for Widget Customization, Routing Rules, Shortcuts and Tags 

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