Azure Active Directory

Once you’ve logged into your Microsoft Azure portal, use the sidebar to navigate to Azure Active Directory. Select “Enterprise Applications” and then All Applications. Click the “New Application” button.

Next, choose “Non-Gallery Application” under the “Add your own app” header and give the application a name (i.e. “AcquireIO”), then click “Add”.

Click “Configure single sign-on”.

Choose “SAML-based Sign-on” in the top drop-down. Then, add the Identifier URL.

  • Their entity ID - a unique name that the identity provider uses for SAML 2.0. (Use this Identifier Entity Id “AcquireIO”).

Next, add the Reply URL.

Copy Login Url & Certificate (Base64). Download the certificate and open in a text editor & copy certificate.

Configuring Acquire

Next, you will need to set up the Azure Active Directory integration in Acquire.

1. Open the App Store in your Acquire Account & click install Active Directory:

2. Enter Login Url & Certificate in configure details & click connect:

Test the SSO process with Acquire

Microsoft Azure recommend testing this with some test user accounts, before adding or importing all of your accounts.

Acquire Login Url(EndPoint Url):{acquire account_uid} 

Like this: 

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