How to set up Chat bots

Chat bot Settings

This is the part for Bot, here you can setup your Bot's behaviour as you want.

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Dialogflow Chatbot

Integrate your Dialog flow chatbot with Acquire , let it handle all the support queries for you.

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Import articles from Zendesk Guide

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Installing Support Bot

The Acquire Chatbot is programmed to work independently from a human operator. It can answer questions formulated to it in natural language and respond like a real person.

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Set up a Sales Bot

Part of Bot, that will capture information from the visitor and create a detailed lead for future use.

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Training Dialog Flow Chatbot

Create Intents and train your Dialog Flow bot to answer all your queries through Acquire Chatbot.

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Training the Support bot

Train your Acquire Support bot to answer all your support related queries.

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Additional Chatbot Features

Acquire Chat Bot is a support Bot that interacts with customers by answering with a list of questions that are pro-actively added in a Bot library.

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