Chat bot Settings

In Chatbot settings, you can set up Bot phrases, Bot action, Acquire specific action, Webhook API, and Sales bot attributes.

Let's understand all of them, first of all, let's talk about 

Bot phrases

Here you can set up a list of all phrases, that the Bot will reply in given conditions. You can customize the phrases as per your needs.

Bot Actions

There are several actions that your bot can perform and additionally safeguards you can place should a Bot fail to answer a user. In this situation, the chat will transfer to available agents or will ask visitors if they would like to speak to an agent. Along with this, you can also set up the default response when Bot gets confused.

Along with this, you can also set up the default response, should a Bot get confused by a particular language.

Acquire specific actions

Smart suggestions allow agents and visitors to see questions if they are voted down. This information is shown in the suggestion section for Bot learning/training purposes. If a chat is downvoted, the chat will get transferred to an agent.

Webhook APIs

Webhook APIs are helpful to make your Bot more intuitive. By using the webhook API, the Bot will be able to get answers from outside Acquire and respond to the visitors accordingly. This feature is supported in both the Acquire Support and Sales Bots.

This is where you can put the variable name and API request URL to get details from the Webhook.

Sales Bot Attributes

By using these attributes, the Bot will be able to load visitors information in the chat. These attributes work as a data collector, which is useful to generate leads. You may also put attributes that you wish to collect from customers.

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