Chat Transfer and adding other agents/users

Sometimes it does happen that you are stuck at some query and you just walk up to your colleague and clarify the doubt and reply to the ongoing conversation. What if the need arises of adding him to the conversation to answer further?

We got the perfect solution for this via Chat Transfer and Conference/invitation. You can transfer the chat to any other colleague or invite him for a conference chat.

Step 1 

Once the visitor has been on chat and the conversation requires you to add some other member to the chat or agent. Or visitor wants to invite someone to the chat to help out with requirements and clarifications they just need to use our “Invite Agents” tab.

On the top right corner, we have a person sign with addition sign below it. Once you click on that button you have the names of the agent in your company and can add the required agent.

All the online agents will be highlighted whereas the offline one would be greyed out. Here you can enter the agent name to search and add him.

Step 2

If the agent or visitors want to invite a guest to join the Chat, this can also be done by just copying the link under “Invite Guests” and send it to the desired person and once he clicks on it. He can join the chat immediately.

The envelope Icon would send it through email to the desired person and copy icon would copy it to the clipboard.

That's it. It's too easy & instant to add any of the agent or anyone in the chat.

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