Chatbot Settings

In chat bot setting you can set up Bot phrases, Bot action,Acquire specific action, Webhook API and Sales bot attributes.

Let's understand all of them ,first of all let's talk about 

Bot phrases:

Here  you can setup list of all phrases, that Bot can reply in following conditions and also you can customise the phrases as per your requirements.

Bot Actions:

As the name defines, here the action will be taken by Bot, according to your configuration. Like how a chat should be transferred to the agent if Bot gets failed to answer. There would be two way one would be directly transfer to an available agents and another way would taking a consent from visitors by clicking a button by him , a chat will be transferred to the agent.Along this you can also setup the default response, when Bot gets confused.

Along with this you can also setup the default response, when Bot gets confused in multiple languages.

Acquire specific actions:

This action will be taken by Acquire support bot only.Like smart suggestion for visitors and also for agents end. Feedback of each message delivered by bot, if the vote goes down by the visitor for any messages given by bot then those messages will be delivered to suggestion section for Bot learning/training purpose and at the same time chat will get transferred to the agent.

Webhook APIs:

Webhook API  will be more helpful to make your Bot more intelligent.By this webhook API, Bot will  be able to get answers from outside and respond to the visitors.As of now this feature is only supported with Acquire Support Bot.

Where you can put the variable name and API request URL to get the details from the webhook.

Sales Bot Attributes:

By this attributes,Bot will be able to load visitors information in it.These attributes works as data collector, which includes information and will be useful to generate the leads. You can also put your own attributes, which you want to collect from customers.

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