Co-browsing allows you to see and interact with your customer’s web screen in real time.

Agent Side During Co-browsing

1. You can initiate the Co-browsing session after a chat is started on the website, the session can be requested and started from the agent side only and the visitor on the website needs to accept the request for that.

Below you can see how an agent sends a co-browsing request to the client in an active chat :

2. Once the Co-browse is initiated from the agent side by clicking on “Request user co-browse”, the user/visitor will get a pop-up notification so as to allow the Agent to Co-browse their webpage. Please ask your visitor to click “Ok”.

3. Once the user accepts co-browse request the user’s screen will get a yellow outline depicting that co-browse is active and their screen will be cast on agent screen as well.

Visitor’s side looks during co-browse

Visitors can use tools given in the address bar to Highlight some part and to make Agent understand where exactly they are facing the problem. Which will be easy to understand too.

The agent will be able to see only the webpage of Visitor/Customer. The agent can use various marking tools in the co-browsing session and can surf through different websites with the address bar at the top shown in the marked area.

Visitors will be able to see what agent Highlight’s during co-browse in a real time also they will be able to see the Agent’s mouse pointer On the agent’s side during co-browse: 

For more understanding, you can go to given link -

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