Dialog Flow ChatBot Integration

As you may now know Acquire is now a platform of various Chat-Bots, here you can use the Acquire Chatbot as well as other integrated Chatbots too. If you want to use a 3rd party Chatbot, Acquire provides a large number of Bots in our Bot Store with more coming soon. Google’s Dialog Flow is one of the most popular Chatbots that works alongside the Acquire Chat Widget.

To bind “Google’s Dialog Flow” with “Acquire Chat Widget,” you will need to pass a few required parameters. Everyone can install “Dialog Flow Chatbot” easily by following a few simple steps:

Go to Acquire’s Bot Section, here you can see there are many 3rd party Chat-bots, and you will find the “Dialog Flow Bot” in this list.

Click on “Dialog Flow,” and a popup will be displayed. You need a few parameters (i.e., “client_access_token” and “language”) to bind it with the chat widget.

To get your “client_access_token,” go to Dialog flow and press on the gear icon that is displayed next to your agent name. Here you can access all settings related to your agent. Copy your “Client Access Token” from the “General” Tab and paste it to “Acquire” popup.

To find out your 2nd parameter (language) in the Acquire popup, you have to get the language code of your selected language, in which you will train your Chatbots’ knowledge base.

You are all set up, now we are good to go, and you will now finally press the install button.

 The Dialog Flow Chatbot bot will now appear in the Bot section.

From the “Trigger” section, apply it where you feel necessary in a Campaign. It will answer all your visitors’ queries.

Now you may go to your simulator page to test your Chatbot using different types of questions.

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