Feedback Settings

Feedbacks are an integral part of a business and no business can survive without working on the feedbacks and improvising on it. These feedbacks reveals the places where we need to work to improve.

We have many features to explore in Feedback Settings like Feedback type, message and any additional question if need be. 

Feedback Settings:

So let's start with having a look at Feedback setting first, here you can decide the type of feedback you need from customer, either Rating or Custom or disable it for all.

Feedback Message and Chat Feedback Question:

As far as any feedback is concerned there is always two constant one liners which might be on the same lines of “How would you rate us “ and “ Thanks for your Feedback “ , so under the Feedback Message Section, you will find the place to enter the default message and a thanking note.

Where as, the next option here is chat feedback question , this is the place where we can more custom questions if we want it to be there after a chat ends. To set up a New Feedback Question, just click on the that button and you will be navigated to next screen.

On this screen, you will see four fields named as Title,Type,Value and Status. Here in Title tab You need to enter the Title/name of this additional question. From Status tab, you can select to either keep it active or disable it for a while.

Then, we have Type and Value, in “Type” you can select if you want it to be a Rating, text or a multiple choice radio button. Next in Value you can keep it as a number, star rating or thumbs up and down.

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