Chat Statistics

We can analyze the chat trends here like number of chats, missed and answer. Even the average response time is also available here.

As soon as you jump on to Chat analytics you can actually select the time period for the information to show.

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  1. Here you can have an eagle eye look at your Acquire account which includes Chat Statistics, Average chat time , Conversion Rate, Tags and Customer satisfaction.
  2. We can analyze the chat trends here like number of chats, missed, and answer. Even the Average response time is also calculated.

The orange portion of the bar graph denotes the missed chats, blue part denotes the Answered Chats. The thin light blue line running through the graph shows the Average response time & thin red line shows offline chats of Bar graph.

Below this graph, You can have a look at the Total number of chats, Answered chats, Missed chats, Queue, Average Response time & Offline’s chats.

Average Chat Time

Here we can have a look at average chat handling time or as called as AHT(Average handling time).

Just below the bar graph we have further bifurcation of chat groups for which chats were between 0-30 seconds, 30 seconds -2 minutes, 2-5 minutes and chats above 5 minutes.

Conversion Rate

Here we can access the conversion rate for the visitors we have, that were successfully converted to potential leads. 

You will be able to track all the chats that led to a sale using the goals feature. You can set up any beneficial conditions you want to reach.


Tags and Customer satisfaction

Here we can have a look at what tags were used while saving a lead to CRM, these tags would help us to bucket the chats accordingly. Also we can analyze the customer satisfaction and happiness through the feedback provided.


Here we can have a look at Total session of Co-browse initiated(Blue bar), Avg page visited(Green bar) & Avg. time of session of Co-browsing(Thin line).

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