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Chat routing within Acquire is a way to channel and manage the traffic that comes to your users via visitors in your chat queue. You will be able to access this setting under Settings > General Settings > Chat Routing.

We have several Chat Routing settings, Chat Routing modes, Chat Limit, Inactivity Timeout, and Queue Threshold. 

There are two Chat Routing modes “Broadcast” & “Assigned” We go in further detail of how they both work below: 

Chat Routing modes


As the name suggests, if the broadcast mode is selected, a new visitor chat is “Broadcast” to all the users available online and chats come from a shared queue.


In the "Assigned" mode of chat routing, the chat will be routed to a fixed number of users. The number of users to which this chat is assigned can be set in the "User Limit” section.

Chat Limit:

This setting will allow you to set the maximum number of chats your users can pick up. A user will no longer be assigned incoming chats if they have reached this limit. This is commonly used to ensure that users are not overwhelmed with a sudden influx of Live Chats. 

Inactivity Timeout:

Redirects chats if the current user is not responding after a set amount of time. The amount of time is defined by an admin defined number of seconds.  After this limit is reached, the Live Chat visitor will be transferred to another available user. This is done to ensure that visitors are not ignored for an extended period. As ignored visitors will often leave a chat or a website leaving their questions unanswered. 

Queue Threshold:

You can set a limit for the number of chats that are present in the queue. If the queue limit is reached, the Live Chat Widget will not appear. 

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