General Settings- Feedback

Feedbacks are an integral part of a business and no business can survive without working on the feedback and improvising on it. These feedbacks reveals the places where we need to work to improve.

Also you can ask customers for their feedback after every chat. You can use default,custom and also disable this as per your business requirements.

In default feedback setting, you can ask users to provide their feedback as shown at the right panel above and if you check the box “Chat feedback input some text” then, the user will be able to write their opinion in that field.

You can also customize  your feedback questions by clicking on “Add new question”,here you can define question to be asked for feedback, question type, its value, and its status.

Here, the type of question be of Star rating, number rating,thumb rating,text,radio and checkbox.

You can also see the instant preview at the right panel and can have an idea of how it would be looking at visitor end.

The status of any feedback could be put as active or disable.

Based on question type you need to select values from drop down or in case of checkbox type and radio button type question, you need to create the values accordingly in the values field.

For Radio type question:

For checkbox type question:

At last you can also choose the feedback question only for the particular department if you want. And if you select a particular department then that feedback question will be applied for those department only.

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