General Settings - Visitors

In Acquire, the Visitors tab allows you to control how your site traffic looks like within Acquire.

Here we have two sections, “Enable High Load Dashboard” and“Block Visitors.” 

Enable High Load Dashboard:

The High Load Dashboard is for concurrent traffic usually over 1000 users. It does not show live customers on the website. The High Load Dashboard is an alternative version of the Visitor List that only shows incoming chats and chats in progress. All other visitors are hidden. This is recommended for websites with high visitor traffic.

Block Visitors: 

Here you can copy the IP address of the user you want to block and paste it in the text box provided and just hit the block button. This will allow them to browse through your website but will prevent them from initiating any chat on your website to chat with your users. You can also block users in the middle of a Live Chat. 

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