Google Analytics

Using our Google Analytics integration, you can easily collect chat related data and log it into your Google Analytics account.

Install Google analytics from Acquire

Go to, and search for Google Analytics then click "Install".

Input your Google Tracker ID and then click "Connect Now".

You'll know it is successfully installed if you see a blue tick next to the app icon. 

Find out the tracking ID from your Google Analytics account in settings.

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Once a visitor starts a new chat, they will appear in your Google Analytics Dashboard. 

Data usage

Acquire and Google Analytics integration is based on GA Events. When a visitor performs an action related to an interaction with Acquire Chat, the data is pushed to your Google Analytics account via the Analytics JavaScript.

Events are being passed with Category, Action and Label attribute – each corresponding to different information. This integration can collect the following information:

Event Actions in Chat Widget:

Event Overview:

Login Analytics and go > Behavior > Events > Overview 

Events Page:

Login Analytics and go > Behavior > Events > Page 

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