How to Sign Up

Just a few clicks and a couple of minutes is all that it takes to configure ACQUIRE Live Chat to your website. It all starts with a decision of making your website more user-friendly and approachable.

Here we have included a few easy steps for installation of live chat software to your website:

Step 1

The foremost and first important step will be navigating to the home page of and navigating to the top right corner for trial. 

Once on the Acquire Homepage, you will be able to see the “Start Trial” button, click on it.

Step 2

Now comes the interesting part of signing up and filling up the details to help us better analyze your needs and help you onboard so you can better serve your customers.

Here, it would request you to enter your Full Name, Company Name and would also ask for a Business Email here. Then, you can create your own Password and tell us your company size and your role in that company.

Once, you are done with filling up the details and proceed, you will be sent a verification code to your email, which you will have to enter on the screen and proceed.

The code provided to you would look somewhat like this

Step 3

As soon as you complete the verification, the very next window will be a portal to Personalize your welcome message and theme.

The next step would be to add agents to your account. Adding agents under your account will allow them to pick up chats coming to your website.

After adding agents to your account, you will need to pass our code to the source code of your website.

The code listed here needs to be copied and pasted into the header tag section of your website and Voila! Chat services will be up and working.

After this, if you have already data saved in your different platforms you can integrate them as well by clicking on "Import your data". You can also connect to your social platforms if you wish. For more information regarding this, you can refer to the Integration section.

Here, the final step will be to click on "Finished" and Go to Dashboard

Step 4

After successful integration, the next step would be logging into your account here at and signing in with your credentials to access our Dashboard to pick up chats and access all functionality of the platform.

Here, you are all set to Rock with our Acquire Live Chat Software.The dashboard has the link to your personalised test page, “Let’s Go” will take you there !

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