How to use chat

Before we move forward and deep dive into how the stuff works, it’s always better to start off with the basics and understand the dashboard first. So, We will start off with a picture of a dashboard and start exploring it.

This is how the Acquire Dashboard Looks: 

  • USER ID: First up here, we have the User ID, which is more or less of Identification of the account, if the user is signed in, his name would show up if not signed in, the “No Name” would be shown.

  • USER INFO: Next up, we have the User Info which will give us an idea of Location-Flag, Browser- Browser Icon, Machine-Desktop, mobile, tablet, etc and Platform of User- Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. 

  • ONLINE SINCE: This tab shows the duration of time, the user has been online on the website.

  • PAGE TRACK: This is an important aspect of the Dashboard as it shows the URL of the page the user is currently on and helps us in better framing our responses directed towards the specific target.

  • SOURCE: This tab displays the URL of the source or the URL from which the user came to our website.

  • CONVERSATION: Number of chats, the user had with us is displayed under this tab.

  • TAGS: Any tags added to a conversation, is displayed under this tab.

  • AGENTS: Any Agent handling the chat will be displayed under this tab.

Apart from all of this, you can have a look at a number of visitors, active visitors with chats ongoing, pending visitors and queued visitors on the top of the dashboard.

Step 1

Once the visitor/user on your website clicks on the Chat widget, a chat window opens up and the chat is transferred to the agent sitting at your operator end. Once, the chat is received and picked up by the operator they can have a free-flowing chat.

The Active chat window:

Step 2

The next most important part will be receiving the chat and conversing with the customers. 

The operator can receive chat through 3 ways, one way to receive the chat would be to click on the notification in the bottom right corner of the screen, second way could be the through the notification on the top right corner and the most prominent way to receive the chat could be through clicking on the chat icon under pending chats. 

All the three options of picking up the chat are highlighted here.

Once the Chat has been received the Operator can send and receive messages to and fro from the dashboard and the user/visitor would receive it in the chat widget.

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