How to use Live Chat in Acquire

This article is a basic overview of how to use the Live Chat Feature in Acquire.

The Visitor view of Live Chat within Acquire

Once the visitor/user on your website clicks on the Chat widget, a chat window opens up, and the chat is transferred to an available user. Once, the chat is received and picked up by the user; they can have a free-flowing chat conversation with the visitor.

The Active chat window:

Receiving a Chat


There are three ways to receive and join a Live Chat conversation(shown below): 

1. Join the Live Chat by clicking the OS notification that pops up that is unique to your device and OS.

2.  Utilize the in-tab notification if you are within the Acquire tab to access and join the Live Chat.

3. Finally, you are always able to access the chats in the Pending Chats  Section of the Home tab. Click on the Message icon to access or join the Live Chat. 




Once the Chat has been received, the user can send and receive messages to and from the dashboard, and the visitor will receive it in their chat widget.


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