Additional Chatbot Features

1. Bot Q&A Export Feature

This feature lets you export all the questions and answers, your bot is using to engage the customers. You can export both the suggested Q/A and Live Q/A as well. This will also help you to have an idea of how you can improve your bot by adding or deleting questions as necessary.

2. Synonyms Feature

This feature lets your customers select the query of what they are looking for. Here you can set your question as shown above and then you can define its answers. It simply means the same question can be asked in many ways but answers will remain the same.  You just have to train your bot exactly  (with curly brackets { } and  "Separators" ( | )) this What is the { cost | charge | rate | pricing } of your product? This allows for multiple iterations of the same question.

Here, the answers to these questions would be more easily defined.

This a sample example of what this would look like.

3. Author and updated time calculated now in bot section

Don’t you want to display last updated date for articles? So that you can show users when the article or questions/answers was last updated. This would help you to update your articles or questions/answers on a regular interval of time in order to keep your article fresh and updated.

Here, you can see the date and time when the article or questions/answers was last published and by whom it was done.

4. Apply SalesBot from SupportBot section

As you already know support bot can retrieve the required information from the company's databases and engage your customer. You can improve the capability and extend the application of a Bot to meet your expectations. Here you can apply the sales bot from support bot to convert them into qualified leads if a certain question is asked and meet the condition.

Here you can see the “features” sales bot and its configuration that would be helpful to verify the answers received from that sales bot.

Let’s take an example where sales bot is applied after support bot and also verify with the answer received by the “features” sales bot as explained above.

5. About SalesBot's predefined template

Here you can use a pre-defined template to train your sales bot. Moreover, you can create your own Lead by referring to this pre-defined lead.There are two predefined lead Sales Qualified Lead and out of office lead.

Sales Qualified Lead:

A detailed flow of the chat, that Sales-Bot will use to interact with the visitor.

Out-of-Office Lead:

A detailed flow of the chat, that Sales-Bot will use to interact with the visitor.

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