Getting started with Triggers

Triggers are auto-populated messages, that are displayed to a selected group of audiences on your site. These triggers/Campaigns can be targeted for a bigger audience or a small but specific group of people.

Triggers allow you to define specific groups of users and create actions that target your defined groups.  e.g., Visitors that visit a specified page are sent a Live Chat notification that asks them if they want to see a demo. 

On this screen, we can see the Trigger's name, Status of the trigger, Analytics, Owner, and the Actions tab. , Status refers to a campaign being enabled or disabled, and the owner is the one who designed the campaign or last edited it.

Opened shows how many times the campaign was opened by a visitor. 

Clicked shows how many times the campaign was clicked and activated.

Replied shows how many users have replied to that campaign. This is an assessment of how well the campaign has been doing.

Conversion shows the percent of conversion, the formula for this is:

Number of visitors who Replied 


Number of visitors who Opened

Delete and Edit an existing Campaign:

Here you have two options under the actions tab,  Edit and delete.

If you click the “Pencil” icon, you will be guided to the next edit trigger screen where you can target your audience and create filter actions. 

We have Mobile, Web and Email triggers that you can create within Acquire. 

If you click the “Trash” icon just next to it, you will be able to delete the trigger. Once clicked, a pop up will appear on the screen, asking for confirmation to delete.

Click "ok" to confirm and delete this trigger.

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