Acquire empowers teams to engage customers.  Acquire integrates seamlessly with Talkdesk so you can sync data easily between different platforms and enrich your primary system of record.

Customize with clicks, not code

Immediately begin to initiate live chats, customize your live chat widget and message to start a co-browse session. Finally, integrate your existing CRM and support tools (like Talkdesk!).

Expand your team analytics and visibility

We provide the tools to analyze team and agent performance and monitor the quality of your customer conversations. Through Acquire, you can see how agents are spending their time, conduct quality control via co-browse recordings.

Step 1. Installation

Log in to your Talkdesk dashboard and Click on the navbar in Myapps > Explore AppConnect

Search for 'Acquire' in the Talkdesk App Store (  and open the app.

Click Install > then login to your Talkdesk account.

Next, select your Acquire Plan and click "Next."

Then, Select your User license and click "Next" again. 

In check App Authorization finally, Click "Install." 

Step 2. Login Acquire With Talkdesk Partner

Open the navbar in "MyApps" and click on Acquire. Now you can directly login to the integration. 

Step 3. App Setting

Open Settings, so you can update the plan. If you want to update the user's license, open the User tab, and add to remove the select checkbox. After all, changes have been made; updates click "Save changes".

Step 4. App Uninstall

If you would like to uninstall the app, open the App Settings and click  "Uninstall App." Once the app is uninstalled,  you can not access the old Acquire account and data so please uninstall carefully.

If you have any questions or need help please contact us on Live Chat or email us at

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