Import customer via csv

Yes, we know you might have a lot of backed up data on exported CSV files or back up on CSV files from previous platform and now while migrating you are looking for a easy way to get all that data imported.

Well! We got your back on this, just follow these basic instructions and all the data would be imported.

1. Opening Profiles

All the leads and customer profiles related data is available under Profiles Section of Acquire Dashboard. So, for importing the leads, you would need to navigate to the Profiles section here:

Here, under the profiles tab you will notice a setting icon nut bolt on the top right corner and once you click on it, you will be guide to importing CSV files.

2. Import CSV

Once there on the Setting Icon, you will see the Import CSV under it. Go Ahead! And click on it. 

And the very next step, would be guiding you towards selecting the appropriate CSV file.

This page would help you select the required file-

Once on this screen, you can navigate to the place, where your CSV file is stored after you click on Choose file. Navigate to the appropriate location and click on open.

As soon as you click on Open and then upload it! The action will unfold and all the data would be imported and new profiles will be generated if data is not mapped to your site. 

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