Import lead (CSV, intercom, mailchimp and stripe)

Import Lead from Intercom

Now shifting services or changing the service provider is as easy as to grab a coffee, But what if given the option to import all your data from previous service provider to Acquire Platform! YES. That’s totally possible for us.

Just follow these simple steps to import data into Acquire platform, and you are set to break the ice : 

Getting started

1. To import your data from Intercom, Click on the Profile Tab from Dashboard:

2. Coming to Profile section; Click on Add Customer icon, a drop-down box would appear. Now click on Import Profile option from the drop-down menu

3. On clicking Import Profile, you will get a pop-up with various options for third-party applications from where you can import your data. Click on Import under Import lead from Intercom

Some of the references are shown below:

4. Then you will be asked to enter your Access token and select the group of leads you from which you want to import.

5. Click on Import and your data would be imported.

Import Lead from CSV

Well! We got your back on this, just follow these basic instructions and all the data would be imported.

1. All the leads and customer profiles related data is available under “Profiles” Section of Acquire Dashboard. So, for importing the leads, you would need to navigate to the Profiles section here:  

Here, under the profiles tab, you will notice an Add Customer icon on the top right corner and once you click on it, you will be guided to importing CSV files while clicking on Import Profiles.

2. Once you click on Import Profiles the very next step, would be guiding you towards selecting the appropriate CSV file. This page would help you select the required file

Once on this screen, you can navigate to the place, where your CSV file is stored after you click on Choose file. Navigate to the appropriate location and click on open.

As soon as you click on Open and then upload it! The action will unfold and all the data would be imported and new profiles will be generated if data is not mapped to your site. 

Import Lead from MailChimp, Stripe & others

Now, upload the file accordingly or click on the appropriate import option from the below available options and follow the steps accordingly.

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