Integrate widget code in website

In the sign-up process you can integrate the Live Chat widget on your website after confirming your Email address, and that you will be able to do with a Widget code that is provided at that time.

1. Widget code at Sign-up process

Here are the options that you can choose with the widget code:

a. Copy the code and install it in the source code of the website.

b. Send the code to your developer directly on his/her Email.

c. Skip the step and complete the signup process, you can copy the code later.

Further you can find the widget code by logging-in to

2. Copy Widget code from Dashboard

After logging in, Just go here: Settings > Web = Chat Widget Code


Just click here:

Below you can see from where you can copy the code-

- Once copied, paste this code in the header section of your website’s source code.

- Voila! The chat will be fully functional on your website now.

- Now you can interact with your website visitors from Acquire Dashboard (

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