Knowledge Base Setup & Articles

Knowledge Base Articles

Here you can create your own article using the amazing toolbar to update your help docs.

It has multiple features in the toolbar to customize your article. If you want you can draft the article for future checks and also publish on your knowledge base.

With the gear icon next to Add new article, You can manage and add categories. You can write the article in the text box provided and then put in under a category and the article would be shown under that allotted category on your knowledge base.

Knowledge Base Setup

You can set up your knowledge base here as per your choice, you can edit this predefined format. By referring this you can setup the basics and new menu and customize them. Also, you can add links to the footer. And also make some changes using the APIs.

Setting up the basics click on the button and make the changes as per your requirement you want. Everything can be customized here except the Default help center URL its generated by the system. Using this URL, you can visit the help docs which has been designed by you.

You can also add some new menu just like here “Top Button Text” and “Get start Button” by clicking on add field and a new menu will be created.

You can also Customize How it looks by changing in below predefined settings.

You can also put URLs of copyright and Privacy policy and Terms and conditions URL at the footer.

Apart from this, if you want to customize your own Knowledgebase setup and make some changes like its button position, color and look & feel you can use our APIs and also developers section of knowledge base using the link below:

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