Configured with Line

Go to and click on the Line button.

To Install Line, first, create your Line developer account and setup “webhook URL” there. Kindly follow below steps for the same.

Step 1. Create a Line Developer Account using below URL

Register a new Line Account by pressing "Create a Standard Account".

Step 2

Go to the Line developer account and set up your bot app in the messaging app. If you already set up it then enter your details in configure setting and setup webhook URL into your line developer account.

After getting Registered, Go to > Messaging API

Step 3. Create a Provider and create channel app

In Messaging API, Filled in(App name), (Developer Name), (Email Address). You need to enable Message API, and enable “Use webhooks”.

Step 4

In order to integrate Line, we need to copy the below 4 value

1. App Name

2. Channel ID

3. Channel secret

4. Channel access token (long-lived)

Step 5

To get the Channel access token (long-lived), press issue, Enter "0" hours so that we got the non-expired token.

Step 6

Go To Acquire Admin Panel and enter details of your channel settings.

Go Line setting page Paste all 4 information and you will receive a new URL which is your Line Webhook, copy it.

Step 7

Go back to Line Developer API setting webpage and In using Webhook, click "Enable". Paste the Line webhook and press "Update", Then press "Verify", make sure you view the word "Success".

Step 8 

Give or share your Bot app details to other users.

Start messaging From line to Acquire

That's it! Integration with Line Messenger is successfully done.

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