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Within Acquire you can view live information of your website traffic, general user, and current chat information. To access this page click “ Live Statistics” on your Acquire home tab.

The Live Statistics page has several key measurements that you can use to monitor performance. You can see a brief description of each of them below: 

Online Visitors: This displays the total number of online visitors on your site. 

Chats in: This indicates started chats that have not picked up by users. 

Active Chats: This indicates chats that are currently being handled by users.

Waiting Times: This shows the longest and average wait time of chats left in the queue or pending. 

Agents: This shows your users that are available online and offline respectively  

Response time: This will count the total chats picked by the user against the total time it took to answer all chats

Total chats: This shows the total number of chats picked up by users in the last 12 hours. 

Chat time: The longest and average chat times available. 

Missed chats: This shows all chats started by a visitor but not answered by a user. Additionally, this shows chats that are closed by a visitor before being answered by the user.

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