This process of integrating your okta account with the Acquire. You will be able to login directly from Okta to Acquire.

1. In the Acquire panel, and click on Okta install button.

To fully integrate Acquire with okta you will need to create your API Key. Please log in from here to get API key : 

1. Click on Admin > add application > Create new App 

2. Select SAML 2.0

3. Please enter your details like this :

  1. App name: Acquire

  2. App logo:

4. Click on next

5. Now you need a Single Sign-on URL. Go to Acquire panel, and click on Okta install button.

6. Now copy OKTA Single Sign-on URL from okta modal and past it.

7. Set Attribute Statements in okta and click next

8. Select "I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app", and "This is an internal app that we have created," then click Finish.

9. After finish, you redirect The "Sign On" section of your newly created "Acquire" application appears. Keep this page open it a separate tab or browser window. You will return to this page later in this guide and copy the "Identity Provider metadata" link.

10. Copy and paste all detail in acquire modal and click connect now.

11. After all done go Assignments and click on the Assign button and select Assign to People.

12. A dialog titled "Assign Acquire to People" will open. Type your username into the search box, select the Assign button next to your username.

13. Verify the user-specific attributes, then select Save and Go Back.

14. Click "Done" to exit the assignment wizard.

15. Now go to your OKTA home you.

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