Chat Session Overview

This will help you to have an overview of the Total message sent & average messages sent by Agent according to the Time Span selected.

Here in graph, Red line denoted the average message & Blue bar denoted the message sent per day.

Visitors Cumulative & Visitor Reference :

  1. Visitor Cumulative shows top 20 pages from where the chat was initiated.

  2. Visitor Reference shows from which top 20 URL’s customer redirected to our page.

 Browser Overview, Device’s Overview & Operating system Overview

Browser Overview : It shows which browser(Chrome, IE, etc..) is being used by the customers overall. For e.g - From below graph you can know that majority(81%) of the customer are using Chrome as a browser.

 Device’s Overview : It shows from which Device(Desktop, Mobile, tablet) customer is using our application.

Operating system Overview : This graph shows which OS (Windows, MAC, etc) is being used by the customer.

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