Others (Attachment, translate, voice to text)

Not just the chat you also have the ability to send attachments in the chat, translate the text to user’s native language on the current char and also changing your speech to text.

All of these can be done with just a click of the button, we will guide you through how it works and how it can be done. We will start with the Attachments in chat and then move on to Translation and Voice to text feature.


Both the visitor and agent have the ability to attach files upto a size of 20MB in the chat, this can be done with just a simple click on the “Paper Pin” Icon on the chat widget on both the ends. 

User can send attachment by just clicking on the pin icon at the bottom of chat box.

Agent could also attach any file required by the visitor

Once an agent or visitor clicks on the paper pin icon, a window would pop up where the user/agent can select the file to be attached and hit open to send it.TRANSLATION:

With the ACQUIRE Live Chat, you can seamlessly communicate with people around the globe in choice of their own language.

To start with the translation, you need to click on the translate button on the right side of the chat box, after that on the top of the chat widget you will asked to select the language you need to reply in and click on translate.

After you click on translate and type any text in English this would be translated to the desired language for the customer. Where as you will see and receive the text as your preferred language the visitor/client would see the message in his desired language

While the user receives the text in desired language:


How Awesome would it be if you can just speak and the system would translate everything to text for you sparing you the efforts typing everything.

We have made this possible in our Acquire Live Chat Platform, where your voice/speech can be changed to text and be used while having chat with the user.

To  enable or activate this service you need to just click on the Mic sign on the right side of chat box and soon you will see the Mic button highlighted in Blue and a red dot on the Tab, this signifies that the “Voice to Text” is now activated and working.

Anything you speak now will be converted to text here.and you can just hit enter to send it in the chat.

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