Profile Settings


From Settings, you can manage Filters, History, Views, and make corrections as necessary.

For profile settings, navigate to the Profiles tab and then click the gear icon. 

1. Manage Filters

Filter Settings will help you distribute your leads under different filters. Furthermore, it will help you to Edit or Delete any filters saved.

2. Email Settings

 Sender Email Settings will help you send emails using different sender addresses and reply to emails sent to senders. 

You can add details from the ‘New Sender’ button. Here also you will get an option to Edit or Delete any of the senders. If you don't wish to send emails from that Email address,  you have the option to Enable/Disable the sender name.

3. Template Settings

Template Settings will help you send emails, notes,  or In-app messages using customizable templates.

From a new template, you can select which type of communication channel you would like to use; Email, In-App Message, Note, or Text.

You also have the option to Enable/Disable the templates.

4. Manage History

While Export History will help you get a history of exported profiles. Manage History will help you download profiles and chats from the Profile > Export section.


The View tab will help you filter by the attributes you select on the Profile home page. 


The delete button allows you to delete chat Transcripts from the Profile section. You need to select the Profile/Leads you want to delete. 

After clicking Delete, you will get a confirmation pop-up with warning details. Once you click yes, the Chat profile will be deleted from the database.

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