Recordings Video Calls & Co Browse Sessions

Video Call Recordings

The agent can have a recording of a Video Call with customers in the Acquire platform. Acquire saves all video calls which have taken place between Agents and customers for future reference. You can find the videos in the Profiles tab in the Chat history of a particular customer. 

In the chat, you will find a Recording section where there will be details of the video call in question.

Here, an agent will have two options. All the videos will be saved in the Cloud. An agent can download the video any time they want with the download icon on the top right side shown below.

If the agent does not want to download the video, they can play the video on the screen by clicking the Play button on the top left of the screen. The video will be shown on the screen. 

Cobrowse Recordings

Acquire saves all the Cobrowse sessions, which have taken place between an Agent and a customer for future reference. You can find the Cobrowse sessions from the Profiles tab in the Chat history of that particular customer, including additional details about the Cobrowse session.

Here, the agent will have two options to see a co-browse session in New tab or on the same screen. They will either be able to open the session in a new tab or play the session on the same screen as shown below.

Note: Cobrowsing/Video recording are paid features and are not enabled by default on any account. Please get in touch with us through the chat or email for help with this feature. 




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