Salesforce Iframe

Acquire Iframe

Acquire provides the visitor list view in Salesforce as an iframe. In Iframe, you can see all your online visitors, and you can manage chat start, cobrowse start, and other details.

How to Enable Iframe in Salesforce

To access ‘AcquireIframe’ directly, you need to create a custom visual force tab. Salesforce is an open setup mode and find Tabs and open.

To create a Visualforce tab, select an existing Visualforce page ‘ AcquireIframe’ or create a new one.

1. Create a Custom Tab:

Go to the visual force page tab.


Enter the following details, add any label name, that will appear in the navigation menu.

Select ‘AcquireIframe[Acquie_iframe]’ visual force page and enter tab label and name and give permissions to that tabs, who will be able to view and saved it.


Go to the home page, and a tab will display on your salesforce home page, navigation menu.

1. Classic view
2. Lighting view
3. Service Cloud (Console App in Choose ‘AcquireIframe’ menu tab.)


For Acquire iframe in visitor view, once login your Acquire account in a browser and open iframe tab.

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