Screen Sharing

A Live Chat software bundled up with world-class features like Co-browse, Screen Share, Audio and Video calls. 

Screen Share is a feature used for sharing one’s screen on the other end. Likewise, an agent can share his screen on the client-side and vice versa. It is a straightforward process that starts the screen share with just a click of a button.

Here are a few steps to follow to initiate a screen share, screen share can be done from Agent end only:

Step 1

Once you are into a live chat with the visitor/client, and an issue needs to be resolved with a brief screen share session. You can share the screen by navigating to the “Screen Share” tab.

Once on this screen, you will be presented with two variations of screen share the first one being “Request User Screen” and the second being “Share My Screen.”

Click the desired option of the screen share requested and proceed for the next step.

Step 2

Taking into consideration that you clicked on “Request user Screen,” the user would get a notification that the agent wants to share their screen. User needs to grant permission to start a Screen share.

Once the permission has been granted, the customer would be asked to choose a tab/desktop or application window that needs to be shared and continue to proceed.

Once you click on Share! The screens will be shared with the agent end. And for sharing the agent screen, You need to click on “share my screen” and repeat Step 2 to select what you want to share, and it will be all good to go.

Below are the Eligibility criteria for Screen Sharing :

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