SugarCRM is a Customer Service Module that allows you to manage and track customer service activities in an organization, and now you can integrate your Acquire Live Chats. 

Step 1. Configuration with Sugar CRM

In the Acquire panel, go to find SugarCRM in the search bar and click "Install" next to the SugarCRM icon. 

Make sure to input your subdomain, username, and password for your Sugar CRM account and click "Connect Now".

Step 2. Implementation

Go to dashboard and once in a Live Chat click on the Sugar CRM sync icon.

Step 3. Create a Contact/Lead

When choosing this option, you can add the visitor into Sugar CRM as a contact or Lead and the ongoing chat as a note. Please note, to get the most out of this integration you will need to map Acquire fields with SugarCRM fields.


Enable Auto-Sync!

Automatically sync customer conversation to Sugar CRM once a chat is initiated on Acquire. Maintain the context by continuously synching chat history in Sugar CRM.

Mapping Configuration:

The process of creating a contact is the same as creating a lead. The contact creation has account ids listed in a drop-down, you can also add new contact names.

Once you have created a contact or lead, the details will be shown on the tab, and you are free to edit the fields as needed. When the chat ends, the chat details will be added as a note under the contact.

If the visitor is found as a contact, then the contact details will be shown as below. You will see a button to Save chat transcript as a case or note to this contact. Click the button to start the case-transcript process. When it’s done, you will see a message informing you that the note has been successfully saved to the current contact and the same as a lead.

Check your details into Sugar CRM account to fetch your details and the chat transcript. We have used this example for an on-line premises subdomain.

Step 4

The same details as the lead will be shown in the "Contacts" tab.

Leads will be shown with their chat transcripts and other detailed information.

If you have any questions or need help please contact Live Chat or email

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