Training Acquire Chatbot and setup common questions

The chatbot represents a booming trend in online interaction, helping to provide information quickly to customers, and for users to get straight to the point without the need to hang on to a hold message or scour a FAQ page for information.

Here you can easily train your Acquire chat bot by adding frequently asked question in different way and their responses.

There are two ways of adding questions into the Acquire chat bot by adding questions manually and their responses or by importing csv file.

For adding manually, you need to click on Add New Question.Once you click it a new popup window will appear where you can feed questions in many ways as same question can be asked in multiple ways but their response would remain the same. And once you are satisfied you can save the changes.

You might have noticed Post Action below General tab at the top left panel, where you can trigger the post action like redirect the user to particular URL, if this question is answered by the Bot.

There is also some further settings in which you can see whether you want to put the status of this question as active or disable, want feedback from customer side or now, and want to publish on Bot Q/A and knowledge base articles. These all setting is up to you , you can select as per your requirements.


The second way importing questions and answers via a CSV file , once you click that button you will see a window like this:

Kindly download the sample file and feed your question and answers in it and later on choose that file and just upload it that's it.

Sample file would look like this: 

After adding question and answers as per sample file and then save it in ".CSV" format and choose from the saved location to upload.

And that's it, your question are now can be seen in the left panel of Bot Q/A in suggested section.

If you are satisfied with the imported/added question you want make them live for the chatbot so that it can use it, and for that you need to click on the right arrow as mentioned in the below snap:

Once you do this step your questions would be going from Suggested to Question in use panel. And its awesome its Live now.

Now these questions and answers can be used by Acquire chatbot after applying trigger on chatbot.

And lastly if you want to test this you can simply check via your test page

You can also verify whether chatbot is answering properly as he has been trained or not.

Voila! It's the same answer.

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