Training Dialog Flow Chatbot

With Acquire, you can use Google’s dialog flow to have dynamic responses to your visitors. You will need to train your bot to use this integration fully. 

1. First, you will need to have an account on the “Dialog Flow” Panel. Go to and use your Gmail ID to access the Dialog Flow Panel. 

2. Now you have access to an empty account of Dialog flow panel, next click “Create Agent”.

3. Put your Agent Name at the top, and select the language type that you want to train your Chat Bot.

4. After pressing “CREATE,” it may take a few seconds to prepare that agent. At first, you will get an agent with empty phrases, and now you have to put all the phrases that you want to train your Chat-Bot to answer queries that asked by visitors. To build a knowledge base, you have to create “Intents” within it.

5. Here you can see lots of Collapse tabs in the Intent section; put all your queries in “the Training Phrases” Tab. And put all your responses to those queries in the “Responses” Tab.

6. After saving that Intent, now a gear icon will start to spin, which indicates that Dialog flow is preparing its knowledge base for new upcoming intents.

If you have more questions, you can find more detailed info from google here:


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