Transferring Chats and Adding Other Agents/Users/Guests

Are you ever stuck on a question from a customer? Sometimes it is helpful to ask a colleague for their input or if they have experienced a particular issue before. But what if you want to involve another user in your chat? You can certainly accomplish this within Acquire via Chat Transfer and Conference Invitation. You can transfer chats to any other colleague or invite them for a conference cha via a link. It is important to note: Only Agents and Admins can transfer chats to other Agents. Visitors cannot do this. 


Transferring Chats

Once the visitor has been on chat, and the conversation requires you to add some other member to the chat or agent. Agents can use the Invite icon to invite another agent to assist with the chat.

 Once you click that button, you will have all agents in your organization and can add the agent that is best suited to assist with the issue.

All the online agents will be highlighted, whereas the offline one will appear "grey". You can also search agents by name to add them quickly. 

Inviting Guests to Join Chat

If the agent or visitors want to invite a guest to join the Chat, this can be done by copying the link under “Invite Guests” and sending it to the desired recipient. They can then join the chat immediately.

The Envelope icon will prompt you for an email address to send it via email to the desired person, and the Copy icon will copy the link to the clipboard.


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