Translating Live Chats into other Languages

Within the Acquire Live Chat, you can seamlessly communicate with people around the globe in the language of their choice.

1. To start with the translation, you need to click on the “Translate” icon button on the bottom right corner of the chat box. It will automatically detect a language if a visitor starts the chat; otherwise you can select languages within the drop-down menu provided and then click the “Translate” button.

Any message you type will be received by the visitor in the language of their choice.

You also have the option of clicking “Stop Translate.” 

Visitor view:

User view:

Once, Agent will click on translate; they will be able to see chat in their preferred language & similarly whatever agent types in the chat, the customer will see the chat in their desired language.

Thus, we provide translations in both aspects to ease communication between users & visitors.


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