With the ACQUIRE Live Chat, you can seamlessly communicate with people around the globe in choice of their own language.

1.To start with the translation, you need to click on the translate button on the right side bottom of the chat box, after that on the top of the chat widget you will asked to select the language you need to reply in and then click on Translate.

After you click on translate and type any text in English this would be translated to the desired language for the customer. Where as you will see and receive the text as your preferred language the visitor/client would see the message in his desired language.

Also there will be an option of Stop Translating on top.

While the user receives the text in desired language:

2. If the customer initiates a chat in any language other than Agent’s preferred language which Agent is not able to recognise, Agent has an option to translate it. Once agent will click on translate button, it will auto recognise the language of the customer. Agent need to click on Translate text box on the right bottom corner of the page & then need to click directly on “Translate” button on the top of the page.

Once, Agent will click on translate, they will be able to see chat in their preferred language & similarly whatever agent types in the chat, customer will see the chat in their desired language.

Thus, we provide translation in both ways to ease the communication between Agent & Customer.

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