Easily reply to your direct messages on Twitter from the Inbox product. If you’ve got the Inbox product, you can easily integrate Twitter with Acquire in just a few clicks.

Why integrate Twitter with Acquire?

We’ll route Twitter Direct Messages to your Acquire team inbox, keeping all of your customer communication in one place. You can read, manage and respond to all Twitter Direct Messages you receive from your Acquire dashboard.

Important: The app only works for Direct Messages.

How to Acquire with Twitter?

Sign into Acquire and go to your app store. Then, search for the Twitter app and click ‘Install now’.

Enter your Twitter login details and click ‘Authorize app’

Note: Once you’ve integrated Twitter with Acquire, anytime someone sends you a Twitter Direct Message, it’ll appear in your Acquire Dashboard. You can quickly see if that message was originally sent from Twitter by checking the ‘Sent via’ information below your message.

Demo Chat

Best practices for using Twitter with Acquire

Here are some tips on how to make the most of this app to provide seamless customer support through Twitter Direct Messages:

Set up your Twitter account to show that it provides support and allow Direct Messages from anyone.

Encourage your customers to Direct Message you to continue support conversations by using deep links.

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