Clearbit profiles and campaigns

Acquire's integration with Clearbit allows for a multitude of different uses. Within the profiles tab, you can create customized marketing campaigns sent by In-App Message or Email. 

You will see the option to view Clearbit Profiles in the filters section in the Profiles tab.

Beneath this section, you will be able to filter between industry groups, domains, locations, and employee ranges. 

You can select between a number of different industries using the industry group filter. 

Once you have created a filter that you wish to target, you can click the "Save Filter" button. Here you can see that we saved a filter or all banks that visited Acquire that are located in the U.S.A. 

Make sure you add a filter name that accurately describes the target audience and click "Save." We called this filter "US Banks."  

Once the filter has been saved, you can click "Message Group" and then select "Campaign. In the blue section, select your saved filter by name. Next input a title and the message you would like to send.  If you hover over the send button you will see the option to select and deselect In-App message and Email. Choose the medium most appropriate for your campaign.

We can't wait to see you utilize the Clearbit integration to create custom campaigns. 

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