Using Filters in Chat History

Now with the filter view in Acquire CRM it's easier to bifurcate the leads and profiles and also keep a tab on missed chat and other important info:

Filter view of Acquire CRM, available under Profiles Tab from dashboard:

Once selected which group of chats/leads you want to filter from, example: all leads, followup, Missed chat, Chat bot, Conversion, etc, you can move down to sub-parameters of filtration.

The sub parameters would look like this:

Sub-parameters will also have granular parameters to filter till the T. Here, you can explore around and select the multiple parameters and extract the desired chat/lead.

Let take a Use Case to understand how it works :

Use Case 1 : If you want to filter by the Name only. It is possible from the profile section with Acquire Live Chat.

Go to Filter > General Information > Name & then you can apply filter as per your requirement. For example, let's take Name should be equal to Sahil. So you will only see the result from the Name of ‘Sahil’ in the profile section.

What if you want to see the filters daily or multiple times? We have a solution of this answer too. We have a option to save the filter with the conditions you have selected. 

You can save the filter with the Name you want. So that whenever you will select that filter you will see only that data with the conditions applied & will be displayed in profile section.

Use Case 2 : Filter with Date-Range

If you are looking for a particular date-range. That too is possible with the filters. Navigate to Profile > Filters > User behavior > Chat Date. Here you can filter for many Data-range you want the data.

Select “From” & “To” and your required data will be on screen.

So likewise you can filter the profiles/lead as per your requirement and your wants. 

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