Video/Audio Chat

Isn’t it cool when you have an embedded option of Video and Audio calling within your own Live Chat software? OHH Yeah! It is awesome to have an video/audio called embedded in Live Chat Software and icing on the cake is that both the agents and the Visitors have the options of video/audio calling.


As the video and audio calling is enabled on both ends, we will first have a look at Video/Audio calling from the agent end.

STEP 1: 

Once the chat has been initiated, the agent can initiate a video/audio call and connect with the visitor better. To start with the Video/Audio call, proceed to click on the video/audio call button in the top left panel of the chat dashboard.

Here you can have a look at outgoing call (Based on Audio/video call)

As soon as the Video/Audio call button is pressed, the Visitor will get a notification of accepting/rejecting the call or even answering it as an audio call.

As soon as the call is received as video call from the visitor end, the call gets connected and they can have a video conversation:

And if the call is answered as Audio call then it looks like as below:


As seen above, the client also has the same amount of privileges when it comes to having a video or an audio chat. With just a simple click of a button, the agent and the visitor can connect. Here are a few simple steps to connect over a video/audio chat: 

STEP 1: 

After initiating a chat if user wants to have a Video/Audio call with the agent, he has been provided with the option of connecting over a call with a single button, on the top of chat widget, there is “Camcorder sign” which helps in connecting over call.

As soon as the “Video/Audio call” button is pressed, it indicates an outgoing call on the screen and would request the client to wait till the time agent receives it.


Once the Agent is notified of incoming call and he picks it up, the audio/video call gets connected based on agents selection of answering the call type.One can convert the same call to audio or video at any point of time during the call too.

So here, it is all how the video/audio call works and how easy it is to have live chat along with video/audio call feature with us at the same time.

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