Video/Voice Calls in Live Chat

Sometimes, Live Chat text between visitors and users is not enough. There are times when visitors will prefer to speak to someone over a Video or voice. Acquire allows you to do this within the Live Chat window. It is important to note that both users and Visitors have the option of video/voice call

Video/voice Calling From the User Side: 

Once the chat has been initiated, the user can begin a video/voice call and connect with the visitor better. To start the video/voice call, proceed to click the video or voice call button in the top left panel of the chat box. One can convert the same call to voice or video at any point in time during the call too.

Outgoing video call:

As soon as the Video/voice call button is pressed, the Visitor will be given the option of accepting/rejecting the call or answering it as an voice call.

Onging Video Call:

Video Call answered as Voice Call:

Video/voice Calling From the Visitor Side:

As seen above, the client also has the same amount of privileges when it comes to having a video/voice chat. 

Visitor Initiated Voice/Video Call:

Outgoing Call Visitor Side:



Incoming Video Call: 



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